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1954, August
Memphis, TN
KWEM Radio Studio

1  KWEM Announcements & Advertisements
2  Johnny Cash Show Introduction & Theme
3  Wide Open Road
4  Home Equipment Company Advertisement
5  One More Ride
6  Home Equipment Company Advertisement/Introduction Of Luther Perkins
7  Luther's Boogie
8  Belshazzar Intro
9  Belshazzar
10  Closing Comments & Theme
11  (Also on recording: Country Jamboree Advertisement-1955)
Audio Radio broadcast
Lineage: n/a
Sound quality: A
Info: Alright, aside from the Landsberg Barbarians recordings or anything he recorded in the Air Force, this is easily the Holy grail of early Johnny Cash. What we have here is the first ever recording of John and his band, the Tennessee Two. John was to appear on KWEM in August of 1954 after getting sponsored by where he worked, Home Equipment Company. Before he went, he has Vivian get the tape recorder, and had her tape the show for memories. I guess John would've never guessed how much this show means to people. First, there's an ad for a TV and then the guy finally introduces Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two. What happens is the first instrumental by Luther, he does Cry Cry Cry as an instrumental, so very early for them to do that. Then John talks some, and then he does a song that was one of the first demos he did for Sun, Wide Open Road. Its a fantastic version, very good. John advertises where he works, then he does a VERY early version of One More Ride, and it's just fantastic, it has solos in it, which it sure isn't known to have. Then John advertises his job again, then talks about Luther, and then Luther goes into an instrumental which I'm certain inspired the song Luther Played the Boogie, very good, yet short. Then John says hes gonna do a song that he just recently wrote, called Belshazzar. Its very amazing, since the song wasn't recorded at Sun until Summer of 1957. Sadly, the show is now over, and its the Cry Cry Cry instrumental again. But, it comes with a bonus, a 1955 ad for a concert at the Overton Park, very amazing. Overall, A++++++++++++++, would listen to more. It seems like more were recorded by John as well, since it sounds like the bonus 1955 ad is from one of the tape recordings as well.